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Book a tyre inspection

exhaustAre you concerned about your tires? Kent Auto Panels offer a tyre inspection service.

Our expert team will pinpoint the problem and arrive at a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible. With one of the cheapest MOT rates available in Kent and qualified work undertaken to a high standard, we think that KAP represents exceptionally good value.

Our thorough testing procedures, undertaken by experienced and friendly members of our team, will ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about any work we undertake on your behalf. Our aim is to give you exceptional customer service combined with experience and depth of knowledge which will, we believe, ensure you get the best from your vehicle both in terms of road safety but also performance too.

Your vehicle is imporant to us, as is your comfort, so while you wait for the work on your vehicle to be completed, sit back and relax with coffee and free wi-fi or take advantage of our Shopper & Commuter Shuttle.