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Alloy Repair

Alloy Wheel Repairs and Refurbishment


KAP Motor Group offer two types of Alloy Wheel Refurbishment:

Front Face Cosmetic Repair

During this procedure your tyre (if fitted) will be removed to ensure that we gain total access to the wheel rim. We will then repair any kerb damage and or corrosion. The wheel face is also repaired and flatted down to a suitable standard for priming. The chosen base colour is then applied (2-3 coats) finally an OEM clear lacquer is applied to seal and finish (2-3 coats).

Your wheel then goes into the oven cured which adds maximum durability and protection. Finally your tyre (if fitted) is refitted, re-inflated and rebalanced ready for use.

Total Refurbishment

Alloy WheelDuring this process, your tyre is removed along with the valve and any weights. The wheel is then fully chemically stripped of its old finish.

We then put the wheel into our shot blasting cabinet to remove any corrosion and pitting in the surface; this also highlights any imperfections which can then be dressed and filled.

alloywheelPlease be aware some alloy wheels may not be able to be repaired as the damage could have seriously damaged the structural integrity. Please ask one of our trained technicians who will be more than happy to advise you.

Your wheel is then powder coated and cured at around 200°C. After cooling down, we will have any special paint effect added, finally the wheel receives a coat of crystal clear powder coat lacquer to enhance and protect the finish, and this again is cured at high temperature.

We then carry out a full inspection of the wheel before returning it to you, or fitting the tyre back to your vehicle, depending on what service you have selected.