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Eastbourne Exhausts

exhaustAt KAP Eastbourne, we know that a smooth running exhaust system is essential for the comfort of your passengers to ensure your car is low on emissions and to provide you with the maximum efficiency from your fuel. A failing exhaust system can not only result in a failed MOT test, but also, potentially, a police officer can remove a car from the road if it is suspected that the car is producing high levels of noxious gases.

As exhaust experts, we at KAP Eastbourne, we recommend regular checks on your exhaust and vehicle emission system for cracks and signs of corrosion, failed gaskets or high levels of noxious gases. As the only part of your vehicle that deals with the poisonous gases that your vehicle will emit, it is important that your exhaust is in good working order.

Quite often, the silencer is the first part of the exhaust to fail. If you have a problem you will know from the roaring noise it emits! Other noises that a failing exhaust may make include hissing, chugging or rattling. Visual signs such as rust may not be as catastrophic as they may look and a thorough check by a member of our team will be able to establish whether there is a serious problem or not.

If a problem is found, KAP Eastbourne stock a wide range of exhaust systems for many car and light vehicles so that if you have a problem, you will be back on the road again as soon as possible.

At KAP Eastbourne, our team of friendly and experienced technicians will do a thorough check on your exhaust to make sure that it is running as it should. Once this assesment has been carried out, any issues will be discussed with you as will the options available to you for having it fixed. Sometimes, replacing one part of the system is enough, other times, the whole unit requires attention and all these options will be discussed with you before any work is carried out.

Book an appointment online at KAP Eastbourne for an exhaust check with a qualified technician.

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