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Service Level 3

redcarKAP Motor Group have a wide range of technical support facilities and staff trained to the highest industry levels.

This enables us to repair or service your vehicle to the highest standards, the range of cars for which we offer service and repair facilities are endless, so please do not hesitate to contact us should you have a query or question about your car.

If you drive a company vehicle KAP are authorised 1 Link and National Service Network agents which cover most (if not all) of the UK’s major leasing companies.

KAP are also approved warranty repair agents for many leading companies including an approved accident repair centre.

We can accommodate MOT classes 3,4,5 light (mini buses) and 7 (light commercials) as well as motor homes

Service Level 3 – Major Service

    1. Note any, body damage
    2. Check operation of lights
    3. *Check operation of horn
    4. Check washers and wipers
    5. Check condition of windscreen
    6. Change engine oil
    7. Fit new sump plug washer
    8. Fit new engine oil filter
    9. Visual check of brake pipes and lines
    10. Check condition of exhaust system
    11. Remove and check all wheels
    12. Check suspension dampers
    13. Visual check of front brake pads
    14. Visual check of rear brake pads/shoes
    1. Check and adjust handbrake
    2. Renew brake fluid and bleed brakes
    3. Inspect tyres and set pressures
    4. Reports on tyre tread depths
    5. Pressure check cooling system
    6. Check cooling system for leaks
    7. Replace coolant
    8. Check all drive belts (inclusive of Cambelt)
    9. Recommend Cambelt change date
    10. Check all fluid levels
    11. Add Screen wash and top up fluid
    1. Check and adjust clutch cable play
    2. Check condition of battery
    3. **Fit new spark plugs
    4. Fit new air filter
    5. Fit new fuel filter
    6. Check PVC system
    7. Check and adjust ignition timing
    8. Check and adjust idle speed
    9. Check and adjust emissions
    10. *Road test brakes
    11. *Road test steering
    12. *Road test suspension
    13. *Road test Engine and Gearbox
    14. *Road test Heating system